Art Against Oppression
Not Coming Home
Mixed Media. Christian Burkett. 2012. You are looking down into the African Congo. Where the clearing becomes the jungle, the lost victims and child soldiers lay unseen and will not return, as the fallen whistle points the way.The whistle is hand carved wood. I researched to find out what the dominant language is in the Congo and found it to be Swahili. Si Kuja Nyumbani is a Swahili phrase which means, “Not Coming Home.”

Latest News

New Collaborator Chiara Tovya added for our Domestic Violence Exhibit

Chiara Tovya is a 25 year old adventure loving , tea drinking, feline owning, native Arizonan with a film degree from Grand Canyon University. Read her complete bio here. Below is one of the pieces by Chiara we will be exhibiting in our Domestic Violence Awareness exhibit. “This piece is…

Broken by Keely J. Brown

Our latest addition to the exhibit is an acrylic on canvas by collaborator, Keely J. Brown. We look forward to sharing this piece and work by our other collaborators this fall. We will be at UrbArts in St. Louis, MO for the month of October. Join our mailing list for…

New Artist and Confirmed October 2016 Venue

We are excited to welcome Mesa, AZ artist, Audrey Sullivan, to our group of collaborators for the Domestic Violence Awareness Exhibit. Her acrylic series is focused on encouraging the viewer to see the beauty in who they are. Audrey is a realtor, wife, mom & friend who loves all art and…

2016 Exhibit Tour Postponed

  “I was asked several months ago to take part in an exhibit on domestic violence, I’ve been putting off doing this painting for weeks. My painting process typically starts with a story, I turn the words over and over in my head and then slowly all the words begin…

Frozen Flakes

Author’s Note: I first published this story as a blog post on Mother’s Day in 2006. I was sick again today. Not like a fever or pneumonia or the bird flu, just a wore-out nauseated, I-can’t-say-that-I-really-care-about-anything feeling. My wife pointed out that for the last thirteen Mother’s days I have…

The Party Dress

The Party Dress Charcoal on Newsprint – NFS This is one of the pieces that will be on exhibit. “My siblings and I were in the room as my father took my mother’s life. We tried to stop him, but we were too small. This is a memory that I have completely…

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